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Live Band in Bangkok

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Live Band plays Traditional Latin Music, Pop Latin, Pop and Jazz

440 inTune came together as a Live Band on May of 2017. Composed of members from Cuba, Thailand and the Philippines, the band has a wide repertoire and plays a wide variety of musical genres. Although the band is still young per say, every member of the band is a professional in their own right. Coming from different backgrounds in music, each member adds a unique style. As a result the musical sound of 440 is very current yet you can still feel the traditional flavor in every song they play. It is truly and unique experience listening and watching 440 perform live.

Live Band in Bangkok, Thailand - 440 inTune

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4 piece live band composed of members from Cuba, Thailand and the Philippines. Wide repertoire. Plays a wide variety of musical genres, from Traditional Latin Music, Latin Pop, Pop to Jazz.
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